Safety First — OSHA’s Dock Opening Barrier Rule

Safety First — OSHA’s Dock Opening Barrier Rule

There is no question that working in an industrial setting is accompanied by safety concerns and the risk of injury is prevalent. With this in mind, the welfare of your employees should be at the forefront of daily operations, and not overlooked.

There is a book of rules, known as OSHA standard which can change often. It can be a full-time job just keeping up to date on the rules. One of the newer changes is the visual barrier across dock openings.

So if you have to keep your doors open outside of active loading and unloading for a nice breeze or vision purposes, then you have to have something that communicates the fall risk.

At a minimum, you have to have a visual barrier of two chains pulled tight and spaced accordingly. Dual chain accomplished that requirement; but if you want to really keep you people safe, consider barrier gates. The Barrier Gate greatly reduces the occurrence of accidents due to fork-lifts, or pallet jacks, as well as preventing the fall of workers at open loading dock entrances.

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