Loading Dock Seals and Shelters 

To the uninitiated, loading docks can appear exceptionally chaotic and dangerous, and they can become so without the proper oversight, experienced personnel, and equipment. At Industrial Equipment and Specialties, we have the experience and equipment to help you make the most of your loading docks. Commercial and industrial loading docks undergo a tremendous amount of stress and traffic, and installing the best equipment can help you reduce costs, improve safety, and enjoy the satisfaction of an efficient workplace. 

An incredible number of industries use loading docks, and their applications are virtually endless when it comes to distribution centers, cold storage facilities, and heavy industrial sites. We approach each loading dock project with fresh eyes, which means we look at your particular facility and develop a solution that works best for you. We can help you with loading dock seals and shelters whether you regularly use large, robust doors on an industrial plant or you employ a single, moderately sized loading dock door for your small business.

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Dock Seals and Shelters Installation Services 

One of the benefits of working with the pros at Industrial Equipment and Specialties is that we can help you determine which loading dock shelter or dock seal will offer the best operational value for your loading dock and install the device and keep it working perfectly through regular maintenance. We can even come by at a moment’s notice to help you with service calls with one of our service trucks and factory-trained professionals

Our loading dock seals are an effective option when you want to create a strong barrier against inclement weather with your trailer as it approaches your loading dock. Loading Dock seals are a helpful option for keeping your loading docks safe and productive, and they’re also an affordable choice. When examining your loading dock environment, we may recommend a loading dock shelter, which is a similar device that is available in many configurations and is ideal when you have trucks arriving that are of various sizes.

Our Loading Dock Seals 

Serco manufactures our loading dock seals, and they’re an excellent choice when you want to create superior sealing between a trailer and the loading dock walls. A dock seal is a set of foam pads that form a compressed seal with the trailer. The seal has three sides and can offer benefits when you have a high volume of traffic traveling in and out of your facility.   

Loading dock seals are most useful when the trailers approaching your loading docks are around the same width with differing heights. We have various dock seal models with fixed head pads, adjustable head pads, and seals with head curtains to accommodate trailers of different sizes. Dock seals are an excellent way to prevent the outside air from infiltrating your climate-controlled interior, whether it’s air-conditioned against the hot Arizona summer or you have a refrigerated facility with tight temperature controls.

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Loading Dock Shelters 

As an alternative to a loading dock seal, we also sell and install loading dock shelters, which are designed as a wiper seal that presses against the trailer as it approaches the loading dock. Loading dock shelters are designed as an efficient sealing option and are ideal when you never know what size trailer might be coming to your facility. When you call us for your initial consultation, we can discuss which loading dock shelter might offer your facility the best performance.  

One of the helpful features of our loading dock shelters is that they’re available with functionality that places them somewhere between a loading dock shelter and a loading dock seal; they’re designed to offer all the benefits of both types of loading dock accessories. Additionally, we have options that you may select when installing a dock shelter, like the rain sealing option, which is an integrated system that is available on shelter projects of up to 30 inches. 

Why are Loading Dock Seals & Shelters Important? 

The most apparent benefit of loading dock seals and shelters is that they can help you control the climate within your facility. However, that benefit extends much further than keeping your facility at the right temperature for your products. Keeping a comfortable ambient temperature for your employees can make maintaining a strong and efficient schedule easier. A steady interior temperature can also help reduce injuries due to damp or wet floors.  

Slip-and-fall injuries are always on the minds of busy loading dock managers, and loading dock seals and shelters are an excellent way to reduce that danger. In addition to providing excellent temperature control for your employees, loading dock seals and shelters are also ideal for keeping your products in stable condition, whether they’re perishable or easily damaged if it was to come into contact with inclement weather.

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We Can Help You Design Your New Loading Dock 

We aim to maximize your company’s productivity, enhance its safety, and reduce its capital costs when we help to design your new loading dock. Our status as a division of DuraServ allows us to provide this vital service to our customers. We can help in all facets of your loading dock journey, from the initial designs to the final construction plans. We can work directly with your architects and other building professionals to create a technologically advanced and brilliant loading dock

We take exact measurements of your facility and create design details that accommodate every bolt, nut, and barrier that needs to be installed. During the design phase, we’ll discuss your capacity requirements, your usable space, and the needs of your particular facility. We know that no loading dock is exactly like another, and that’s why we always start from scratch on each design project. 


Industrial Equipment & Specialties Offers the Best Loading Dock Equipment 

Our experience and reputation speak for themselves, and our many satisfied customers are a testament to our dedication to your success. Contact Industrial Equipment & Specialties today for more information on our loading dock seals and shelters and to find out how we can improve every facet of your loading docks.

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