RYTEC Spiral® VP Lower Speed, Lower Cycle Rigid Door

RYTEC Spiral® VP Lower Speed, Lower Cycle Rigid Door

Featuring the stylish design and structural integrity of the Spiral® high-performance door series, the Spiral VP® door offers a new combination of quality, value and performance for lower speed, lower cycle applications. Now, auto dealerships can maintain a consistent aesthetic look – from front to back – without sacrificing high performance. In addition, a restaurant overhead door enhances ambience in transitional indoor-outdoor spaces and other hospitality-focused settings. The Spiral VP door integrates proven Spiral® overhead door components and a small footprint that allows the door to be installed almost anywhere a conventional overhead door fits – without visible attachment hardware. With sleek styling, quiet functioning and a compact profile, a consistent 360-degree customer experience is now a reality.

For commercial environments with light to moderate traffic, the lower speed/lower cycle Spiral VP door offers aesthetic quality, durable performance and reliable security.

Spiral VP is backed by a 5-year limited warranty on motor/mechanical components and materials, plus a 2-year limited warranty on electrical components.

Spiral® VP for Transitional/Hospitality Areas

Spiral VP Hospitality Inside

Spiral® VP for Low Cycle Traffic

Spiral VP for Low-Cycle Traffic