Hot Days Ahead – Are You Ready?

Hot Days Ahead – Are You Ready?

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Summer is around the corner, and the temperatures are rising. What is a quick, easy, and affordable solution to provide relief for your employees? HVLS fans! (You know, those really big fans you see everywhere nowadays.) They are in commercial warehouse, restaurants and hipster homes.

High-Volume, Low-Speed fans are a great way to move air throughout your facility. They create a nice breeze in unconditioned spaces or help over-worked air-conditioners thus saving energy (and money).

Whatever your goal is — consistent temperatures or floor-level condensation reduction — the right set-up is key. Buying a large fan at your local hardware store and installing it in the middle of the space might not accomplish your objective. Strategically place the fan(s) in relation to vents, air-conditioner units, walls, or above open floor space to maximize your air movement. Move more air with less energy.

Call us here at IES, and we will complete a survey to best outfit your facility with HVLS fans to beat the summer heat.