Mission Statement

Through a dedicated sales and quality service team, Industrial Equipment and Specialties (IES) strives to be our customers’ single source supplier for loading dock and material handling needs. IES has been a staple in the Mid-South since 1979 and continues to provide customer-driven solutions.

IES Team

Founder's Story

Jim Amann became the Serco dock line distributor in 1983, taking a small one-man company to new levels. The acquisition of Industrial Equipment & Specialties, which was established in 1979, gave Jim a platform for his vision. Through his integrity and work ethic, IES has provided 40 years of service to the greater Memphis community and to the employees of the company. Today, IES offers sales, service, and installation as a supplier for loading dock needs to the tri-state area with a mix of quality product lines that have a national reach.

Our founder, Jim Amann, loved helping people. When he started IES, he made a point of hiring people who others might not. In doing so, he built a company based on service, relationships, and integrity. As a result, our team continues to serve our clients and community in ways that others choose not to.

Industrial Equipment & Specialties

At Industrial Equipment & Specialties, we work with the best brands, employ the best technicians, and have the most experience Designing, Installing, and Maintaining Loading Dock Equipment, Material Handling Supplies, and Overhead Doors. We’re a division of DuraServ Corp, and we work with Overhead Doors, Trailer Restraints, Dock Levelers, Material Lifts, and more. We are a locally owned business in Memphis, and we work throughout west Tennessee and in nearby Mississippi and Arkansas.

Industrial Equipment & Specialties was established in 1979. In our 40+ years history, we’ve been driven by the need to provide businesses with the best material handling equipment like Loading Dock LevelersOverhead Doors, and Industrial Fans. From West Memphis, Arkansas, to Southaven, Mississippi, we’ve handled complex and demanding jobs across the region and have built a reputation for excellence.

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Industrial Equipment & Specialties. We'll Upgrade Your Doors & Loading Docks.

We operate as a “single source” provider, which means we can help you through every step of your project, whether it’s a Loading Dock Retrofit in Tennessee, an overhead door repair in Mississippi, or Loading Dock Safety Equipment installs at a business in Arkansas. There is no challenge that we can’t beat, and we’ve been meeting those challenges head-on for more than 40 years. We are the tri-state area’s number one source for quality products and equipment for your loading docks.

We are Tennessee's Best Material Handling & Loading Dock Supplier

We’re well-known throughout the mid-south for our integrity, the dedication of our employees, and our long history of working with the best equipment available for Loading Dock Environments. Even if you’re not “in the know” with the world of Material Handling and Loading Dock Environments, you’ve probably heard of some of these companies. Some of the companies we work with include Serco, Rytec, Kelley, APS, and LiftMaster. We install only the best components and machinery.

For your facility, we provide services for new construction via Our Design Team and plans for remodeled loading docks and “turnkey” solutions that may include Renovations, Expansions, and Upgrades of current facilities. With our parent company, DuraServ Corp, we have access to an impressive number of advanced devices for the efficient and safe operation of your loading dock area. We’re part of a manufacturing powerhouse of equipment that has applications in many industries, from pharmaceutical to beverage to high security.

Why We Succeed

Dedication to our Customers is just one of the reasons we succeed in every project we accept. We’ve spent many years building a culture where employees are inspired to create positive change within our company and in the lives and businesses of our customers. Here are some of the reasons why we succeed.

Service First

When you work with the professionals of Industrial Equipment & Specialties, you’ll receive World-Class Service from customer service agents who know our products inside and out, as well as assistance from Installation Technicians who are the best at what they do. We endeavor to treat every customer the same, whether their project is part of a multimillion-dollar installation or it’s the retrofit for the warehouse of a local Memphis business.

One Customer – One Contact

When you contact us for service, installation, or design service, we use our “one customer – one contact” approach, where you receive quick responses to your inquiries. We Deliver Prompt Service, particularly if it’s an Emergency. We want to build a robust and long-term relationship with our customers, and that relationship begins with the first phone call you make.

Large Retails

We’ve spent many years becoming one of Tennessee’s most well-known Suppliers and Installers of Industrial and Commercial Loading Dock Equipment. We’ve been able to graduate to large retail projects as a division of DuraServ Corp. We now can complete service upgrades and installations for multistate corporations and large retail customers.

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Compete as a Team

It should go without saying that teamwork yields better results for business than solo work, but this is our way of doing business that we use with every customer interaction. Not only does teamwork help us complete our work on schedule, but it also helps us create the Safest Environment Possible, both for our employees during their work and for your employees when our work is complete.

Committed Employees

Our employees Focus on Service, Relationships, and Integrity. When you combine our Exceptional Products and the dedication of our amazing staff, you always win when you choose Industrial Equipment & Specialties as your source for dock and door equipment and service.

Experience and Tenure

We know that experience isn’t everything, but it counts a lot when you’re installing complex equipment and devices related to loading dock areas and overhead doors. Owing the dedication of our employees to the success of our company, we have technicians with many years of experience. Our organization has some of the Most Experienced People in Tennessee who boast comprehensive knowledge of the industry.

Industrial Equipment & Specialties Helps You From Installation to Support

We are incredibly fortunate to have built a company that has lasted more than 40 years, and that is respected in the communities we serve. Our goal is always to provide the most outstanding service in every transaction, whether it’s an emergency call, a long-term project, or a complex installation. If you own a business in Memphis or anywhere near the tri-state area, contact us to see how our loading dock equipment and overhead doors can help your business flourish.